IFCB is an organization of Christian business and professional men with a common vision to change the world around them. Businessmen reaching their peers with the Gospel message

The Goals

The objective of the IFCB is to assist Business and Professional Men in acquiring and sharing God’s principles and benefits of business and personal excellence within today's complex business enviroment.

International Fellowship of Christian Businessmen (IFCB)

The IFCB is a non-denominational, non-political group of businessmen and professionals that have one thing in common. They want to change the market place around them and share the Good News of Christ with men all over the world.  Through Round Tables, Luncheons and Chapter meetings, the IFCB provides opportunities for meaningful fellowship that transcends  denominational, racial, and cultural barriers.

This is an excellent place to discover and nurture your gifts and talents, as well as an aid in developing your business and professional skills.

The IFCB has many benefits. It is a place for:

  • Relationships you can count on: whether it is prayer for a decision that needs to be made or concern for a friend or family member, IFCB members are here to help. In this caring environment, members both give and receive encouragement, hope and support to make a difference in today’s marketplace.

  • Training: The IFCB equips men to be successful in their business life, in their family and in their service to God.

  • Service to others: As men work together, God begins to change men, and men change things.

I would like to invite you to join us.

F. Don Hail, CLU
National President – IFCB